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10 days CAMPING Tour

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Level of Difficulty- ** & *** 👉 2 ** = Easy Tracks. 👉3 *** = Difficult Tracks. Winch needed.

– Very Old roads, Muddy roads, Forest roads opened before and later of the communism system.

Mountains up to 2440 M Altitude with a Beautiful Panoramic View, Rivers, Canyons, Lakes, Sea, Beach.

Asphalt will be part of the trip for accessing on the off-road tracks.

Equipment required for your Expedition:

– MT Tires, (BF Goodrich, Malatesta, Swamper, Simex).

– 4×4 Car prepared with Winch and Reducer

– CB radio or Mobile Radio

-All the necessary documents for your Car, insurance for Albania. If your insurance company does not offers this service then I can buy it here, all you need is to send me a copy of your current insurance. in this way we can start quickly the tour without losing time.

Documents & Equipment.

– Passport or ID card.

– Camping equipment: Everything what you need for the Camp-tour. Table, chairs, gas stove, cooking pots, cutlery, mugs, plates. etc. (Catering with fresh Bio Foods and fresh Meat we can stop every two days to the Mini Markets.

North to South of Albania in 10 Days.

– The journey begins by heading to the Albanian Alps, Theth village and enjoying the beauties of the Mountains during our Tour. the Finish Point is Saranda City  or Himara, booth are Located totally South  Albania. If we start the tour from South to North then the program will run the other way around.

Note: The Above route and Plan during the trip may be modified depending on the weather conditions, technical conditions of the Cars, road conditions and other reasons…

In our tour we can have options to change time to time directions, it depends all on our speed during driving, our what we like to doo, easy or hard tracks will decide in our morning briefing after our Breakfast.

In must cases I change the route when I see my customers that they really likes something different…

As a Local Guide I can offer you the Best Tracks bringing you in the most Wilde Nature of Albania and the Landscapes, the Altitudes up to 2440 M will take your breath away. 👍

Enjoy your Journey while visiting the Castles and old City’s of Albania..! I’m sure you will be surprised.  Traditional ALBANIAN Cuisine, Bio Foods ! Some RAKI Also 🥂

Drivinig to some incredibble Places, for sure your Adrenaline will raise up , Are you ready to enjoy the Adventure and Explore the unknown Albania..? WE are waiting fo  YOU 🤝

welcome to ALBANIA

Don't miss attractions like the Berat, Gjirokaster, Thethi, Valbona Valley, Koman Lake, Lura NP and many more.

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