Frequent Asking Questions

can we book a private tour ?

Yes, you can book a Private Tour at your favorite date by selecting a date not booked in our Off-road Calendar. Contact us for  more info.

how we can book a tour ?

By selecting your favorite date, all you need is to contact us via e-mail OR the TOUR BOOKING FORM in the Tour Details. Also by Phone +355693087714 

what kinde of tour you offer ?

Well. we have three categories of tours.



It depends. To have a good Tour you need 10 days off-road, we have  7 Days Tour. 10 days, and 14 Days. You can decide for the Days. My suggestion a Tour of 10 days.

how we can be transferred in albania ?

Are three options, 👉Montenegro MNE border, 👉Ancona IT – Durres AL(Ferry),   👉Ancona IT – Igoumenitsa GR (Ferry) 

do we need a visa for albania ?

No. All you need is your Passport. Car documents and insurance for your car for Albania.


we don't have experience driving off-road, is this a problem ?

Absolutely no, we work like a Team and support each-other in every situation, you can always follow the group driving carefully and enjoy the tour. when you feel insecure for something then Fredi takes control of the situation.   

what about the technical problems during the tour. if happen something ?

No Problem. We fix it. i have my connections almost everywhere in Albania if we need a spare part. also I always try to fix the problem in real time bu myself with additional costs. It depends what the problem can be.

is possible to Book a different date from your calendar ?

Yes, you can see on the Calendar 2020 what date is good for you and then communicate this date to us via email. Before you decide to book the tour you have to be sure about it because this tour is going to be called Private Tour.

we are a group of Friends and we need a Private Tour. is it possible?

Yes  you can Book a Private Tour. As long as you have a group of friends and you like to Book a Private Tour with your friends, you can enjoy your journey together. By our side the Private Tours are well designed and very interesting.

can i book in the last minute ? How we can deal with it?

Sure..! you can join us in every moment, always we are glad to see you here. if you decide in the last moment,you just drive and reach us.
For the rest we can talk during the tour. 

Keep in mind: you can’t join a private tour if the Customer are a closed group.

is there any restrictions to drive off-road in albania ?

NO… here are no restrictions and NO LIMITS. We can’t drive to the plantations that belongs to the farmers and this is normal, the rest is freedom for everything. Enjoy the tour us much possible driving in a Dry River for 35 KM disttance…! 

Dear Customer:
If you have any other questions please send us an E-mail and we will respond to you in real-time.