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The perfect trip for those who want to be in contact with Sahara. 10 days of desert, a small group, and a great desire to have fun and get involved.

Fun paths, technical but never dangerous. The right way to savor the real desert.

Welcome to Tunisia 🇹🇳

Tunisia is the easternmost and smallest of the three states along the Atlas Mountains.
It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and borders with Algeria and Libya. 40% of its surface is occupied by the Sahara desert, the largest hot desert on the whole planet earth. The Sahara does not have a uniform appearance, in fact different types of landscape are identified, from ancient rocky mountains eroded by time, to steppe areas and then the typical and wonderful dunes and expanses of very thin sand that changes its hue from white to become Orange. A still uncontaminated place where you can discover a different nature, Nomadic peoples, desert flora and fauna and experience the great thrill of off-road driving in one of the largest territories on the planet, a unique and unforgettable experience.

Raid program in the Sahara from 20.11.2021 to 03.12.2021
Shipping company: CTN Ferries from Genoa to Tunis.

Day 20.11.2021 : Reach the port of Genoa (Italy) and arrive at least 2 hours before the departure time. Boarding and departure for Tunisia.
Expected from 19 to 23 hours of navigation based on sea and wind conditions.

Day 21.: Port of Tunis / Hammamet
arrival at the port of Tunis, after disembarkation and customs controls, take the highway for 65 km towards Hammamet, a famous tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast, where is located the Hotel , the meeting point for raid participants. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 22: Hammamet / Douz
After breakfast, departure via the motorway for 365 km towards Gabes. And continue on a normal road for 145 km untill Douz, the last city before the desert, also known as “the door of the Sahara , “installation at a campsite located between the date palm groves and the road that goes out into the Desert, with hot showers and toilets divided between women and men, accommodation in wooden bungalows, dinner based on local specialties
Meeting with local guides of the territory, who will guide and trace the itinerary during the raid.

Day 23: Douz / Sahara Biben
In the morning after breakfast we reach the center of Douz, a town full of movement and colors to refuel, buy fruit and vegetables or fresh meat for those who want it, and a short stop in the ancient craftsmen’s square.
Continuation to enter the first day of our raid itinerary where we will begin to become familiar with the sand. We will go further and further until we reach the Biben region at the beginning of the magical Oriental Erg, where the sand begins to be orange. Once arrived we will choose the best place to set up the tents and bivouac, search and collect wood for the fires and to spend the first night under the stars of the great Sahara.

Day 24: Biben / Tisavar fort / Ksar Ghilane Oasis / Ezmila
After breakfast and closing the tents, departure in the eastern erg to reach the roman fort of Tisavar, where we will stop to visit this amazing place among the orange sand dunes built by the emperor Commodus , dedicated to Jupiter at Roman Limas period, we will enjoy the view of Ksar Ghilane oasis that we will reach to make a stop, the oasis of Ksar Ghilane is a very famous place among desert travelers, is the starting and arrival point for off-road lovers , with a swimming pool of natural sulphurous water that comes from the subsoil, where you can swim and drink a coffee in one of the small bars and restaurants located in the southernmost of all Tunisian oases. After a couple of hours of free Time , the starting point for the great adventure, we begin to enter in the extreme territories where we will make our bivouac and spend the night in the Ezmila region.

Day 25: Ezmila / el Mida / Gour Kleb region
Departure and enter at the heart of the Sahara where we will face the Mida cordons, dune cordons to give the best in off-road driving, with our guides who will trace and will always be at your disposal, to learn and better understand driving on sand. Continuation to the wells of Midas in the territory of the nomadic Rbaya tribes, we will stop to see the wells of fresh and sweet water in the middle of the desert sand! Continuation to the region of the Gour Kleb massif, collecting wood for the fires and accommodation to make our camp in the extreme Tunisian Sahara.

Day 26: Gour Kleb /Dekaniss
After breakfast, departure to reach the Gour Kleb massif a few kilometers away, an ancient mountain in the shape of a volcano, we will go up on foot (for those who want) to admire the breathtaking view and be able to take photographs of the Sahara. Continue through sand and steppe until to reach the mountain of Dekaniss, one of the orientation points for those who move and travel in the Tunisian Sahara.
Bivouac and night in Extreme Sahara.

Day 27: Dekaniss / Ayn lahwidhat
Departure after breakfast in the great sand where we will meet higher dunes until we reach the coveted destination of off-road travelers Ayn lahwidhat, surrounded by immense dunes a source of boiling water comes from the subsoil creating a small pool, as a true Paradise you can stay in the water to relax and remove the sand . We will camp more or less one km from the source so that to can reach it independently every time you want to swim or have a drink in one of the huts of the Nomads who sell something to drink .

Day 28: Ayn lahwidhat
Ayn lahwidhat is such a wonderful place that it deserves a whole day, where you can swim, rest but also explore by car or on foot the surrounding dunes that go as far as the border with Algeria. Night in our bivouac.

Day 29: Ayn lahwidhat / Tineswan
Departure to climb the dunes and experience the thrill of descending from very high dunes. Continue on a challenging but very beautiful path up to Tineswan, a massif where they found many fossils from a very very ancient era. Wood collection and construction of thé camp.

Day 30: Tineswan / Tembain / Jibil National Park / Bir Aun
Departure from Tineswan to reach Tembain, the highest of all the rocky mountains of the Tunisian desert. Continuation to the Saharaian national park of Jibil, stop to visit a small museum of the Sahara and to see the pairs of oryx antelopes , that have been used to restore the species which had been declared extinct. Continuation between dirt tracks and untill Bir Aun, near an ancient well where the shepherds of the Nomad transhumance watered dromedaries and herds of goats. Setting up our tents to spend the last night in the magic of the Sahara.

Day 01: Bir Aun / Douz
After breakfast, departure through steppe and sandy areas, last hours in the great Sahara to reach the city of Douz and our camping, hot showers after the expedition in the desert , and dinner based on local specialties, overnight in wooden bungalows.

Day 2: Douz / Zrawa / Tamerzet / Matmata / Hammamet
After Breakfast we. leave the Sahara and continue via the paved road to an ancient dirt track , to climb through off-piste , until to reach an ancient and unique « ghost « village, where only some elderly shepherds live, the Berber village of Zrawa, a perfect example of Berber architecture, located in a strategic and camouflaged place among the Mountain territories , very different from Sahara but just as fascinating! Continuation on stone tracks to the Berber village of Tamerzet and The region of Matmata, also known as the moon, where many scenes from the Star Wars saga were filmed. Visit of one of the many underground dwellings of the troglodyte people, lunch (optional) in a restaurant housed in a troglodyte house and then continuation to Gabes to take the highway to Hammamet on the coast ,to have dinner, and stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: Hammamet / Tunis port.
After breakfast departure by motorway for the port of Goulette in Tunis and departure to Genova.


Price: 1400 € per Car with driver.
600 € per passenger.

Services Included in the Price:

– Organization Guide Albania Offroad Adventures

– Tunisian Local Guide

– Permits

– 4 Nights in a 4-star Hotel

– 4 Breakfasts

– 4 Dinners

– Support car, mechanical first aid,
and possible fuel transport

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